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Build Your Rochester Area Business in 2019...
with CinchLink Internet Marketing Services

We specialize in developing internet marketing programs to grow your business.

We do it for you, or train someone to do it yourself.  You choose!

Plus, we help you communicate.  How? With easy-to-maintain websites, social networking programs, and more.

CinchLink Website Planning ConferenceOptimization: Do you integrate your Facebook, website, and internet marketing plans?  We help.
Customer Interaction:   We help you customize your internet planning with your overall marketing and business plan.  The payoff?  More prospects, and more satisfied customers.
Find new clients: If you want to reach more prospects or potential clients, you have come to the right place.  CinchLink specializes in creating  web marketing programs for small business. If you need a well managed professional web site, Facebook page, or social web program that is prepared on time, and within a limited budget, call us.  See what we have already done, here.
Refresh Existing Plans:  We freshen existing web and internet marketing plans for peak impact on your target audience. What does your web advertising plan look like?  We can help you match your promotion budget to the optimum blog, website, or event marketing program.  After talking with you, we will recommend an approach, and talk with you further to optimize it for the Internet - and get development underway. That way, your plan is focused, and attractive to visitors. Plus, your associates or staff are freed from learning and dealing with the complexities of ongoing editing.
Smoothly Set Up New Internet Marketing Programs:  Already know what you want?  CinchLink coordinates projects. We talk about your goals, create a plan, and then conduct project management to meet a schedule within a budget.

We handle the details.  We work with:
  • web advertising suppliers
  • domain name registrars
  • social networking hosts - Facebook and others
  • website hosting providers
  • direct email management sources
and all of your marketing and business associates.
The result: we almost make it a cinch to grow your business, and serve your clients better.

How do we start?

First, let's talk on the phone. We want to learn of your business and marketing priorities, and how you feel a new or revised web marketing plan can help meet your goals. Schedule and budget are an important part of the conversation. We'll talk about how much refresh you want to do, and how much you would want me to do.  CinchLink can then layout a couple of alternative ways for you to proceed.  Our offices are in Pittsford, New York, near Rochester, New York.

How are we unique?

We Match Your Web Site to Your Business Focus:  Web and internet programs are effective as long as they are kept focused on your current priorities.  Our market focused approach is designed to be easily maintained either by you or another person in your company. To save you time and money, we employ many powerful tools, including WordPress and Expression Web software, by Microsoft.
Simplicity:  Alternately, we can help you set up a site that you can create and maintain with an ordinary web browser, such as Firefox or Edge.  With WordPress (a Content Management System) you are freed from any special software requirements on your computer.  In fact, you yourself can update your website, blog, Facebook page, or Google Docs document from most any computer.  Simple? Yes!
We Work Within Your Budget:  We are very aware that small business needs to control costs while building revenue. 

What don't we do?

Overcomplicate Your Decision:  We are not a branding and identity development company. Rather, we integrate your social media and website identity closely with your present and future marketing and business strategies.  Alternatively, we have partners that have extraordinary qualifications and experience in identity and branding work. CinchLink usually takes your marketing goals, and translates them into content and graphics material, and refines it into a very user-friendly package that interests web surfers and searchers.
Push High Priced Extra Services:  We don't do hosting, nor computer system maintenance. CinchLink normally works with your existing suppliers to host the website. Need someone to do it all?  We have also established relationships with several partners to handle your needs. 

Why call us?

A No Cost Initial Consultation:   The fastest growing portion of the web is mobile services.   How does your current website look? Your business or service organization cannot be found without an effective web presence, and a strategy to drive the right traffic to your site.  That's our job.  
CinchLink will put your message at their fingertips.  The initial consultation is at no cost. Just call 585-586-7652.

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